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Zest Pharmacy is located at Wamala stage Along Kampala - Hoima highway Wakiso, Uganda-Shop No. 1, Boston Plaza

Zest Pharmacy Sanitizer Deals

Zest Pharmacy is licensed to manufacture Hand Sanitizers. We make hand Sanitizers in three different brands.
1) Zest Instant Hand Sanitizer   2) Fressam Instant Hand Sanitizer   3) Arrows Instant Hand Sanitizer . All these brands of hand sanitizers come in different sizes including 30ml, 60ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1Ltr.
All these sanitizers are available in Uganda and East Africa at Large. We aslo manufacture hand sanitizers for export.

A medical team to help your needs

Are you in need of quality health services? Do you want to cut or gain weight? Do you lack appetite? Or do you need medical attention at a free cost? Worry no more. Zest pharmacy has brought medical services very close to you. We are located in Nansana. You will be attended to by our team of experienced medical personnel.

About Zest Pharmacy

Core Values
Quality assurance, Customer satisfaction, Innovation, Time management, Integrity, Professionalism.
Our Mission
To be a trusted partner in the good life of all your family.

Our vision
To transform old fashioned healthcare into 21st century healthcare delivery.

Welcome to Zest Pharmacy!

Zest Pharmacy is an established and Ugandan based company and established entity focusing on selling medicines and other various items such as sundries,perfumes,health products and cosmetics. We strive to give quality pharmaceutical and excellent customer care while offering cost effective drugs .

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